Saturday, 30 July 2016

Maidenhead Beer Festival

Worked the bar at Maidenhead beer festival, small but perfect venue, some great beers on offer, but no soft drinks for drivers (me!) that is minus 1 point... still, i'll be back next year to pull pints, so can't be all bad !

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Reis naar Amsterdam

Spent a long weekend in Amsterdam away from the kids, used my Wyndham rewards to stay in the rather nice Ramada Apollo (Amsterdam Centre), just a short tram ride into the town centre, but with lots of local shops and restaurants (and a hash cafe!) if you wanted to stay local.

Great view from the hotel.

The plan was to keep off the touristy bits, and to also grab the train and spend a day at Zandvoort, unfortunately all train lines between Amsterdam and Zandvoort were closed while we were there !, so caught the tram to one the urban beach's.

Afraid to say we did do a canal ride, but it was good... spent a lot of time in the "outer rings", well worth an explore if you are bored of the red light district.

  Why?... who would buy such a thing?!

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