Thursday, 30 June 2016

Missing the moo moo

So, June, and finally my time in Bournemouth is over, on my penultimate week I book my mountain bike on the train, only to turn up at Bournemouth station and find all trains cancelled!, I lock the bike up at the station and get the bus replacement service.

A few days later I am back for my final week.... and my bike is gone!... thieving gits !

Still, I have my hybrid bike, and decide to sign up for the Palace to Palace charity bike ride in a few months time, I have never cycled more than 5 miles at a time! (between home and work) so start going a longer 12 mile route home after work.

Also did the 35 mile Wokingham Bikeathon, my legs held up surprising well!, it helped that I made friends with a group of 4 similar aged, IT background, guys to tag along with... helped the time, and miles, fly by.

Popped over to Hickstead to try and watch the jumping, and it rained, and rained, AND RAINED... and then there was thunder and lightning and wind.... Claire and I got soaked.... that explains the empty stands !

Also said a sad goodbye to Muttley, 11 years young, leaving a hairy 35Kg hole in my life 😢

Chewy also misses Muttley, but not enough to stop photobombing Cracker and ball killing !

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