Saturday, 18 April 2015

Random photo dump from my Twitter feed....

Schweet "Xbox Controller" cover for my Z1 Compact :-)

Broken ramp on the horse lorry after moving stables :-(

1000 Gamer Points !... great free game on the Xbox One... go down load it !



another 1000 gamer points :-)

Takes me over 80,000 ... Boom !

Jade & Uno

lol ... this is a real Pony Club badge .... I earned it !

Dogs gorge of horse hoof trimmings ... dirty dogs, ewugh !

Awesome beer, hunt it down if you can !

This one is not too shabby either...

PC Build number 3 by Haydon...

Flyball leaving goodies ... nom !

More beer !....

Home made spirit mixers by a chap from work... I love the labels !

Home made honey by a chap from Flyball !

mmmmmm Picked eggs !... thanks Mum & Dad !

Even more beer !

The power of cheese !

Sooooo much beer you can't even wave a stick at it !... doing my annual bit for CAMRA and the Ascot Beer Festival !


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