Saturday, 18 April 2015

Long weekend in Italy

Finally, after booking over 6 months ago... Haydon and I hit Milan, Italy, for his birthday treat... to watch AC Milan play at the San Siro ..... but it was not all football !.

Italy, April, sunny and over 20deg C.... lovely friendly people, would definitely go back :-)

 Random things we did... cheap train to the lakes....hit Como, then took a hydro foil to Varenna for lunch... first time on a funicular railway for me in Como

Photos of the lakes (that are HUGE !) and mountains from Varenna...

San Siro...

Pre match Pizza and hair gel !

New favourite Italian beer !

Food, cars and train station at Varenna

Random photo dump from my Twitter feed....

Schweet "Xbox Controller" cover for my Z1 Compact :-)

Broken ramp on the horse lorry after moving stables :-(

1000 Gamer Points !... great free game on the Xbox One... go down load it !



another 1000 gamer points :-)

Takes me over 80,000 ... Boom !

Jade & Uno

lol ... this is a real Pony Club badge .... I earned it !

Dogs gorge of horse hoof trimmings ... dirty dogs, ewugh !

Awesome beer, hunt it down if you can !

This one is not too shabby either...

PC Build number 3 by Haydon...

Flyball leaving goodies ... nom !

More beer !....

Home made spirit mixers by a chap from work... I love the labels !

Home made honey by a chap from Flyball !

mmmmmm Picked eggs !... thanks Mum & Dad !

Even more beer !

The power of cheese !

Sooooo much beer you can't even wave a stick at it !... doing my annual bit for CAMRA and the Ascot Beer Festival !


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