Sunday, 18 January 2015

Good bye ole faithful...

... Well, at the end of this week the old faithful Vectra will be gone, after years of good service and tens of thousands of miles it is time to move on.

It will be a sad day for me, there is plenty of life left in the Vectra, but it is rapidly turning into a money pit just to keep it going... it needs new wheel bearings, speedometer no longer works, the main heating fan has failed for a second time, and £700 later we are still no closer to fixing an intermittent starting problem that left Claire stuck at the stables (and causes clouds of smoke to billow out when it finally does start).

So picking up a 2011 car on Friday, it is a 1.4 petrol, bit of a gutless drive, but as Claire points out, the days of long motorway journeys to Flyball competitions from Kent to Anglesey are over, and as Jade will not be going to Pony Club camp anymore we dont have a need to tow Orville the caravan (so that will be up for sale in the spring).  It will mainly be used for school runs and shopping at Lidl.

So, what is this new car?... a Vauxhall Mariva ... and for some reason is has suicide doors and a glass roof... not that I want a glass roof, I can imagine it is cold in the winter, hot in the summer and suffers from condensation !... but it drives well, and holds the road better than other small cars we have driven; hopefully it will continue the Vauxhall tradition of being a good car.

We will have the SE version in black.... but this gives you an idea of what it looks like !

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