Saturday, 13 December 2014

August randoms

So, Chewy gets her “Silver” award in obedience, and we decide to sign her up to the Kennel Club as a “working dog” !… Chewy Potatolicious is now KC ready and heads off to her first KC competition in Maidenhead.


Lets just say the whole day was a disaster!, Chewy normally gets top 6 and rosettes in local shows, but this time she was having none of it !.. she ran out the ring, would not sit… and then performed the cardinal sin of having a pee in the ring… it was terrible !… needless to say she has not been to a competition since !

As for me… it was all too tiring !


I am still pushing Claire around in her wheel chair in August, fantastic leg and back work out, especially when going across fields!…I am still dog walking and doing horses too… and typically when I am in a rush they are never at the gate to come in!, have to go hunting.


Nope… bit further…


Bit more…. at last !


Let me take a selfie Smile


It did rain in August… I can prove it… one wet muddy horse !



Jade turned 16 in August, where has the time gone?!… someone at the yard made her an awesome Birthday Cake !… tasted as good as it looked!


Then we took her to Pony Club camp…she stayed with her friend in Orville… can you spot them amongst the horse lorries Smile


How about now ?!


I missed quiet a few Flyball competitions too… including the British Champs, such a shame… still the team kept me updated via the power of potato lol! (and yes, that is a British Champs1st place rosette … the Rooky Racers are an awesome Flyball team who can mix it up when needed !).




And I also became an Uncle to little Thomas.


Finally a special mention to Croydex who make this non wobble / slip toilet seat, it is fab!, 5 months later and it is rock solid ! lol… big thumbs up from me !





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