Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Random photos… been a while !

Couple of my Bro for Mum & Dad !


BV_SH-YIUAA_i9G lol… made me do a double take too !  bag hanging up in the hall way ! “Wessex Equine Products” Smile

BaVrfC_IEAEuJuESome of the Flyball team(spot me and Jade !)

BaVrXgXIIAAKLoJThis should help !

BbI2RRZIQAAYPUjBoiler humour, Claire is not impressed with my text message !

BVgwHfWIgAAUhZJPony Club friends.

BXaCLmsIYAAbYvPFound my jacket by the back door on the door, thought it was odd but did not pay much more attention ‘till I put my wallet in my pocket and it fell on the floor… turns out a treat zipped up in a pocket was not a challenge for Chewy…. ate through the lining and pocket from the inside !

 BZ1DiMRIAAEKNyTMuttley swims to raise money for the “Hounds For Heros” charity … he loved it !

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