Sunday, 10 March 2013

Diet tools… Buzz Gym, MyFitnessPal and Endomondo

So, what am I using to get my weight down from obese to overweight (still can’t believe I put weight on after loosing it last time !).

1) FREE - Working in Reading (no more long tiring days and drinks / takeaways on expenses!); my new office has a kitchen, so taking home made soup packed with chicken breast and pulses each day.

2) FREE - Dusted off the ole faithful bicycle, it is only a short 4 mile trip from my house to the office… much quicker than taking the bus (and cheaper !).

3) FREE -Tracking calories using I am still amazed that everything I have scanned to date is held by MyFitnessPal !…. much better than NutraCheck, no more entering bar code numbers Smile   (And Colin, it works on BlackBerry phones if you're interested !)

4) FREE - Tracking exercise using the best thing is you can link Endomondo to MyFitnessPal and have your exercise automatically updated within seconds

5) £15 a month - Joined a gym… but this one is right next to my work so no excuse not to use it, looks awesome, I cannot wait for it to open.


Buzz Gym :-)

Once the weight is off the trick will be keeping it off, I'm getting too old for diets !

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