Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jamie Olivers Italian Restaurant in Leeds – Best avoided

During my week in Leeds I decided to give this place a try

After all, it is on expenses, and makes a change from room service!

I will cut a long story short, the staff were very friendly, but the food served was terrible… I watch enough Master Chef to know you must “taste, taste, taste” when preparing food… I am sure this does not happen in Jamie Olivers Leeds restaurant… either that or Chef had a cold.

The starter of sweet mini chilli peppers was rather scrummy but then the main course came… Start bay crab risotto with a side of polenta chips.

OMG, the “our famous” polenta chips where squares and not chips and the salt… so much salt, you could have dropped these in bath and made a floatation tank, they were disgusting.

As for the Start bay crab risotto, I like a bit of chilli heat, but this thing should have come with a fire extinguisher, it burned like mad; turned me red and set me off sweating, not a good sight in the middle of a restaurant… I joke not, it was that hot and very unpleasant.

When asked “was I really done” after eating two blocks of salt and less than half my risotto, I said I could not take the heat hence I could not eat anymore, all I got was a “sorry about that”.

I promise this next bit is true… I then went to McDonalds !.

A terrible terrible night that I never want to repeat… next time I go out for an Italian and I have a choice of Jamie Olivers or Zizzi I will go for Zizzi, I have never once had bad food in a Zizzi restaurant (and I have been to three different ones now).

Such a shame… Jamie Olivers menu looks great, it is just the execution of it has been let down in the kitchen.

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