Sunday, 25 November 2012

This is not the Droid you are looking for…

So the contract on my old Nokia N8 has come to an end… not that I used it much, gave it to Claire as she always breaks her phones on a regular basis… phones and horses do not mix !, been using a Nokia Lumia 800 for ages now.

So, what phone do I upgrade to?… easy, the Nokia Pureview 808 … take glorious pictures and I am more than happy using Symbian… but wait…. what do you mean no one in the UK offers it on contract ?!… arghhhh !.

Hmmm… okay, I love the windows phone 7.5 interface, I can just get the new Nokia 920 rocking windows phone 8.0 that is getting good reviews… “Hello, Carphone Warehouse, upgrade me to a 920 please… what, you want how much a month, and how much upfront ?!?!“ pfft… I dont think so, the Scottish blood in me is running hot.

So decided to go off the wall and get a Sony Xperia S, I always liked my old Sony Ericsson phones.

It runs Android which I have never used, and has a 13Mp camera.

Had it a week now, first impressions:

Windows 7.5 vrs Android = Window 7.5 easy win… aggregated emails and social network feeds, active tiles and easy interface … makes Android look so clumsy.  And the fantastic web browser makes up for any apps missing in the app store (like mobile banking or shopping).

Design = Flaw with the camera location… keep getting my bloody fingers in the way of the camera lens… the camera needs to be held with finger tips and thumbs which is a bloody pain as it also introduces picture shake / blur… when I am out in the rain, on a sodden field, carrying two dog leads I want to be able to stand still, firm grip a phone and take a picture… this thing is rubbish, loads of camera shake.

Point of mention = Last.FM on this phone is fantastic, even better than on Symbian !

First impressions to one side I am sure I will cope fine with this phone once I have got email ticking along… the main reason for the phone was the camera, and yes, despite the camera shake issues it is much better than the Lumia 800… so my blog should start getting more random updates again !.

Having said that, once you have used the Pureview 808 everything else is just rubbish in comparison… it’s like the Xperia is a BMW M3, it has camera specs much better than every day Ford Mondeo phones … however the 808 is the Vayron / Koenigsegg of the phone camera world… utterly mental Smile

Quick samples below .. all point and shoot:


Then trying to re create the 808 dog shots… problem is it is very wet and overcast … in fact it has not stopped raining all week.

Good, but you can see camera flash in the dogs eyes:


Take the flash away and it gets worse:


This shot shows how dull it is… first one is before the phone was ready to go, the next shows how much more light gets let in when the phone is ready:


Actually, side by side the dull one looks better (but bad blurring)!

IGT tests are all great (yay !).


I am sure once I have played around some more the pictures will get better !

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