Friday, 23 November 2012

Senseo at Lidl (Melangerie coffee pads / pods)

Picked up a Philips Senseo coffee maker from eBay the other week.

Was very spur of the moment, and a bit disappointed that I only have a choice of 2 coffee options in Sainsburys (Mug and Strong).

So while looking at coffee options on Amazon (cheaper than eBay) I noticed someone commented that you can buy coffee pads at Lidl.

Now, I have never been in my local Lidl in Wokingham… but what the hell, lets have a look.

Lidl indeed sell coffee pads for the Senseo:


Each bag contains 18 126g pads (so used with the single cup option), both bags show a coffee strength of “4” out of “5” so comparable to the Douwe Egberts bags that contain 18 125g strong coffee pads.

They cost £1.69 each… so much cheaper than the Douwe Egberts at £2.99

Taste wise they are both very nice, but the Brazil blend just edges it for me… strong but not bitter…. and both taste just as good if not better than the Douwe Egberts.

I mix mine with a spoon of Coffee Mate… that Lidl also sell in 500g tins for £1 less than Sainsburys !.

Update !… looks like I am not the only one to think the Brazil blend is good Smile


Unknown said...

I've bought coffee pods from lidl for the last 2 years. Up until August this year and now they don't stock the melange tie coffee pads I have. Gutted.

Unknown said...

Naughty Lidl have just discontinued these

Unknown said...

Naughty Lidl have just discontinued these

CCJack said...

Lidl have now stopped stocking these, now replaced by own brand Nespresso pods, will be reviewing these soon :-)

Unknown said...

Very disappointed with LIDL first they stopped the Melagerie pods/pads that where superb so I switched to the Melagerie loose coffee for my cafetiere now Lidl have stopped selling this gutted ...the loose coffee that they sell now are not a patch on Melagerie they obviously don't try their products first nor do they listen to their customers!.

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