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Is Lidl really cheaper than Asda / Sainsburys…

During my quick visit to Lidl to buy some coffee pods I noticed they had a great deal on raw lean mince beef, I then got it in my head to try and do a weekly shop in Lidl rather than my local Sainsburys or Asda.

I though I would share my thoughts and findings.

I have compared prices to Asda, I don’t care what Sainsburys claim, Asda is cheaper !.

My weekly shop is 5 main meals, enough bread ham and cheese for sandwiches for a week, toilets rolls, bit of fruit and some other odds and sods like fish fingers, pot noodles, deodorant.

This is for a family of 4, two adults a teenage girl and 11 year old son.

Where I would have brought Smart Price in Asda I have used these prices in the comparison (in this case salted butter and spaghetti), where I would not buy Smart Price I have used Asda own brand prices (in this case fish fingers as Lidl are 100% Pollock fillet, so are Asda own brand… Smart Price is 60% fish bits and filler, and also tooth paste).

Smart Price is around half the price of Lidl on everything … except tinned chopped tomatoes where they both charge the same at 31p.

But is Lidl of equal quality ?!…

If you take fresh spaghetti bolognese and read the labels for Lidl and Sainsburys they are almost identical, both are 400g contain exactly the same amount of sauce, meat and pasta.


Both only use British beef and both are made in Britain.

Lidl claims no artificial flavourings or colourings.. and is made by Lailas Fine Foods (

In fact the Lidl brand is also healthier:

  Sainsburys Lidl
Calories 631 532
Sugar 9.5g 7.2g
Fat 27.7g 18g
Saturated Fat 11g 8g
Salt 2g 1.72g

But that all means nothing if it tastes rubbish… so a quick blast in the microwave and my 11 year old son gives it the big thumbs up.

This is 99p verses £2.20 in Sainsburys (or £2.05 at ASDA).

In fact the Lidl crisps match Walkers crisps figure for figure nutritionally and taste great… a pack 24 Lidl cost £2.45, Asda own brand = £4.

Then there is the toilet roll (!)… 20 rolls of 200 three plysheets for 29p a roll in Lidl… this is the same as Velvet triple soft… but I would only ever buy Asda Shades so I used these in my price comparison… also, did you know 18 rolls of Shades is 31p a roll but a 24 pack is 33p a roll !.

So yes, quality is on a par with Sainsburys and Asda.

The experience of shopping in Lidl…

Lidl in Wokingham is pretty dead, I get the impression the folks of Wokingham are too posh to be seen in Lidl Smile so it is easy to wonder around, quiet no getting stuck behind anyone.

Problem is the shelves run in random orders, food is all over the place, special offers are hidden in random corners and there are never any till staff (unlike Asda, where no matter how rammed it is you always get through a till quick !).

It is quirky at best, very confusing at worse !

And the price comparison ?!:

Lidl = £65

Asda = £83

That is not a bad saving !.

So, that’s it, job done, Lidl is great… never going to shop at Asda or Sainsburys again….. err… not quite !.

The lean mince had all sold out by the time I went back… in fact the fresh meat options are pretty limited.

I could not find chilli con carne sauce or red kidney beans for one of my evening meals.

They don't sell much in way of toast toppers… my wife and daughter love pate, but they do not sell it.

Odd things like vinegar and cola (any sort) I could not find… and rice was only sold in huge HUGE bags, which is no good for me.

The alcohol range is rubbish, no SoCo or Ciders that my wife likes, and Rose wine was all too expensive.

So a mixed bag…I think next week I will write a list, buy what I can in Lidl and then stop off at Sainsburys on the way home to top up on the missing stuff.

All in all interesting, surprising, not great, but not bad either !

mmmm warm wine !


And more Ritter Sport and Kinder chocolate than you can shake a stick at Smile



CCJack said...

I have now found Pate, Cola, Rice, Chilli Con Carne and Kidney Beans.

Have also found cider but not the tuff my wife likea!

CCJack said...

Lidle Rose wine is revolting!... avoid at all cost !... buy Sainsburys or Morrisons own cheap stuff, much nicer !

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