Sunday, 1 July 2012

Barbury Castle Horse Trials Weekend

Well, Jade washed the caravan this weekend and we decided to set off to Barbury Castle.

The reason, a Flyball competition that is part of the Wiltshire Country show and Barbury Castle Horse Trials show.

So plenty to see and do, plus, because Flyball is part of the show we get free entry Smile

Random shots from late Saturday:


We tried food samples, watched someone from Celebrity Master Chef give a cooking demo… and the kids tried the free Army Activities !


As always out came the beer and monopoly Saturday evening (It was chucking it down with rain)… and Muttley decided to join us on the sofa… he really was not much help !


Then Scally joined in


Once Muttley feel asleep we punked him with Monopoly pieces ! (look, he even dribbled on the board !… eugh !).


Still, a great weekend, not great racing (Muttley and Chewy’s team came last) … might go back next year !

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