Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New poster, needs lots of blu-tack !

Found a place on eBay that will make A0 size posters for £10.50 including postage…

…so I got the picture of Chewy blown up, just to see what it looks like, came out really well and is now pride of place in Jades room !Dog faceThumbs up

Making space…


Not bad !!


Saturday, 21 July 2012

When people ask why am I testing a mobile phone…

… I can just show them the below; will be blowing these up onto a huge canvas for hanging on the wall, a fantastic gift from a stunning mobile phone, 41Mp may sound crazy, but when the results are this good I don’t care !, thank you Nokia and your Purview 808 !…

These were taken spur of the moment on todays dog walk… no prep, no planning, just point and shoot Smile


Sunday, 8 July 2012

A little damp at Flyball training

Saturday may have started off dry, but by 10am the clouds had gathered …. and then the noise came… like an approaching heard of antelope… you could hear the heavy rain approaching fast… and then it hit !

When I say wet I mean WET !… massive heavy rain drops falling in a torrent …. that person in the 2nd photo is me trying to pack stuff away… and this photo is not during the worse bit.

Stupid British weather Storm cloudThumbs down

808 227

808 226

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sorry in advance :-)

To my family and friends… my next few posts will be about a mobile phone… so until then a few new animal photos !.

Darren and Chris snapped these, both good friends, keen Flyballers and now starting their own pet photography website… all the best gents !

At last a proper picture of Chewy doing Flyball !


We have also been looking after Pauline and David’s dog Scally for two weeks…. he does not know what Flyball is… but he knows that the jumps are fun !


Darren Bull-0712Darren Bull-0621Darren Bull-0922

Darren Bull-0779Darren Bull-0270Darren Bull-0297Darren Bull-0485

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Barbury Castle Horse Trials Weekend

Well, Jade washed the caravan this weekend and we decided to set off to Barbury Castle.

The reason, a Flyball competition that is part of the Wiltshire Country show and Barbury Castle Horse Trials show.

So plenty to see and do, plus, because Flyball is part of the show we get free entry Smile

Random shots from late Saturday:


We tried food samples, watched someone from Celebrity Master Chef give a cooking demo… and the kids tried the free Army Activities !


As always out came the beer and monopoly Saturday evening (It was chucking it down with rain)… and Muttley decided to join us on the sofa… he really was not much help !


Then Scally joined in


Once Muttley feel asleep we punked him with Monopoly pieces ! (look, he even dribbled on the board !… eugh !).


Still, a great weekend, not great racing (Muttley and Chewy’s team came last) … might go back next year !

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