Saturday, 9 June 2012


Well, we have now sold Bumble… her current loaners took her on full time last month.

I have not met the family, but Claire and Jade have, and they have also travelled to see Bumble in her new home a few times…. Bumbles new owners must be very nice as there was no way Claire was ever going to let Bumble go !.

We have had a few photos sent over of the new kids on Bumble and by the sounds of things the kids and Bumble get on really well… so good bye Bumble; I hope you like your new home (makes a change from that Naff riding school you came from in London !).

On a different note we have a new foal at the stables (not our foal !)… here it is with Jade today… only 4 days old… bless ! (click to enlarge)


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