Sunday, 24 June 2012

Terrier Racing at Hurst Show

I have no idea how this happened... but in the Hurst Show Terrier racing today (non terrier dogs division).... Chewy beat a bunch of 24 dogs to get second... beating Scally and Muttley !...


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Jade and Tizzy jumping

Some pictures of Jade and Tizzy competing at Cullinghood…


And then yesterday at Pachesham they came first out of 14 competitors in a BSJA 70cm competition !.

Clear round then clear round in the fastest time … Jade also won £20 Smile (Claire has gone back to using a rubbish phone hence the poor picture quality !)


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Haydon goes Quad Biking and Carting today

A wet day in East Grinstead, but Haydon had a fun time driving a quad bike around a normal course, then an obstacle course.

Finished off with some high speed Go Cart racing !

Click to enlarge.


Control Course
Skills course

One lap where Haydon was allowed to go round on his own and just skid / mess about being stupid !

Enough racing, time to mess about !

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Well, we have now sold Bumble… her current loaners took her on full time last month.

I have not met the family, but Claire and Jade have, and they have also travelled to see Bumble in her new home a few times…. Bumbles new owners must be very nice as there was no way Claire was ever going to let Bumble go !.

We have had a few photos sent over of the new kids on Bumble and by the sounds of things the kids and Bumble get on really well… so good bye Bumble; I hope you like your new home (makes a change from that Naff riding school you came from in London !).

On a different note we have a new foal at the stables (not our foal !)… here it is with Jade today… only 4 days old… bless ! (click to enlarge)


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