Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Microwave Haggis ?!…

…My Scottish Gran, God rest her soul, would turn in her grave if she saw this !

WP_000386I had to get some food in, but with the roads around my house dug up for new power cables being laid into Winnersh a quick dash to Sainsburys was out of the question… so I zipped down the back roads to Waitrose in Twyford.

Now, I have worked in Waitrose in my youth, and shopped at Waitrose in Woodley…. but the Waitrose in Twyford is “odd”, it sells “odd” food stuff… I can only think that people in Twyford must be very well off and easily convinced to “impulse buy” some of the weird stuff on the shelves.

This is where I found the microwave haggis and also got hooked on an impulse buy lol !.

Verdict… after 60 seconds in the microwave what stared me in the face did not look promising !… but when put on the plate next to some bacon and eggs it crumbled nicely and, to my surprise, tested very very nice indeed !… It will be on my shopping list again (as I always manage to over cook real haggis lol !)   10 out of 10… well done Macsween !.

While I was in Waitrose I also noticed this…. quite a lot of it on the shelf… not shifting and reduced from a fiver to £1 …

WP_000383I really liked it… very strong flavour, but the taste was too strong for Claire who let me finish her portion and Jade did not ask for any more…. Haydon refused to try it…. so a 25% success rate in the family, probably explains why it was not selling, even in Twyford !….. 3 out of 10.

On a different note the rain has been relentless… our new Flyball training venue was flooded on Saturday…


And the same “puddle” 24 hours later ! (The bit inside the faint green netting is where Jade was !)


Today is also my Birthday… so treating myself to a day off work… and a “posh” breakfast from McDonalds lol !

mmmm Pancakes and Syrup !….


I would have a beer later but am full of a cold… and really not in the mood for a drink… not good Sad smileThumbs down

Random photos from Acremead Comp in April, Muttley and Chewy get 4th… other teams get 2nd and 1st…(note, the team I organised got 1st lol !).


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