Friday, 6 April 2012

What a pain in the ar5e job !

The liquid rubber is crumbling on the horse ramp and the wooden battens are rotten and loose.


After much nagging from Claire I decided to replace this today.

New 2” x 1” battens were purchased and I cut these to size; then started on taking the old battens off… arghhh what a rubbish job, the old screws had threaded heads and I ended up having to saw around screws and take these out one by one… it took over 2 hours in the end just to take the old stuff off… my hands were killing me !.

Muttley decided to help by sitting and laying on the ramp… and when I moved he moved…. when I got off the ramp he followed me… when I got back on the ramp he dropped a tennis ball for me to throw… he drove me mad !… more like 7 months old not 7 years old !.


Still, over 4 hours later and a trip to Wicks to buy some longer screws…. job done (never again !):


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