Monday, 16 April 2012

Skyscanner Rocks but Wizz Air Suck …

While looking though the Windows Phone Market Place for Applications to install on my Nokia Lumia 800 phone I came across “Skyscanner”

It is a travel application (and Website)… a bit like Expedia …. but boy it is much, MUCH, better !.

I had a quick play with it while trying to co-ordinate the lads annual weekend break (to Berlin this year) with options of airports to fly from (Luton for Mick, Heathrow for me…. either for Jon) I quickly found Berlin was a no no this year, but got some fantastic flight times and prices to Prague… all through my phone !…. I then switched to the website for our accommodation.

I can’t describe how quick and easy Skyscanner is… but I am never going back to Expedia !…. you really must try it.

So why do Wizz Air suck?!…. well, the buggers cancelled our flight to Prague 5 months after booking it!.

Skyscanner to the rescue !, we are now doing a day hop via Amsterdam…. a few moments later I have x2 new flights booked, connections sorted and no need to change accommodation in Prague…. so very happy (well, not with Wizz Air and the extra £200 it is costing… but with the ease that a major disaster was averted !).

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