Monday, 16 April 2012

San Miguel Fresca…

… If you read the blurb its says

{Described as “a refreshing, crisp sunshine lager, best served chilled with a wedge of lime”, the product has been developed as a result of a partnership between Carlsberg UK and Mahou-San Miguel of Spain.

“Fresca” is a word often used in Spain to describe a thirst-quenching, chilled drink.}


A 4.4% lager, drunk chilled from a bottle with a wedge of lime?….hmmm… now where have I done that before?!… oh yes, in my Teenage years drinking Sol !.

So, hardly a new concept !.

This beer is very nice, and at the moment £1 cheaper than Sol for a 4 pack… problem is you feel a bit cheated that it is brewed in the UK by Carlsberg.  At least when you buy a 4 pack of Sol you know it has been imported from Mexico (well… that is unless Heineken now brew it in the UK !).

So, for me, it is still Sol if I want to stick a wedge of lime in my lager…. !

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