Monday, 16 April 2012

Arbor Meadows…

.. sun was out today so Haydon and I decided to try out the new picnic tables in Arbor Meadows.

So we walked the dog before sitting down to some brunch:



(Ignore the lunchables … I did also make some sandwiches !)

After we hit the outdoor gym to work off the calories !



That afternoon we took Muttley to “All About Dogs”  at Newbury Showground and tried out “Doc Dogs”… this is where your dog does a running jump off a pier into swimming pool after a ball…. the furthest jump wins.

Well, Muttley was hopeless !… not since he failed at the “Bonio Eating Competition” has he shamed me up so much !.

Still, some good underwater shots of dogs that can do it ! (Click to enlarge):


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