Sunday, 29 April 2012

Butter would not melt


Okay, perhaps it would !…


Muttley with his new Pedigree Joint Care+ bag… great for human and hound packed lunch carrying Smile


mmmmm… okay, thanks, I think !

Jade, while learning Biology, dissects a lambs heart at school….


The teacher then says Jade can take the heart home for the dogs to eat… yuck !…. still, the dogs loved it, and at least she only brought one heart home and not twenty !

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What’s in the Box?…

…no not your Brother ! Winking smile


In fact, it is a goody box from Pedigree Joint Care+

Pedigree stumbled upon my post on the Flyball Website about Muttley getting stiff legs so sent me some of their Joint Care + to try.

But not only that (!)

They included a bag !


A ball thrower and balls !


6 weeks worth of free Joint Care +


And a video camera to use how I want for 6 weeks (that has to be sent back tho).


What a great surprise !… and totally un expected !… thanks Pedigree ! Dog faceThumbs up

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nutella Trees !

Do you know what these are ?….


No? (!)…

… They are baby Hazel Nut trees !…. I won them after entering  competition on the Nutella Website.

So they will be in the garden at the weekend, and in few years the houses behind us will be blocked from view and we will be inundated with Squirrels and Hazel Nuts !



Monday, 16 April 2012

Arbor Meadows…

.. sun was out today so Haydon and I decided to try out the new picnic tables in Arbor Meadows.

So we walked the dog before sitting down to some brunch:



(Ignore the lunchables … I did also make some sandwiches !)

After we hit the outdoor gym to work off the calories !



That afternoon we took Muttley to “All About Dogs”  at Newbury Showground and tried out “Doc Dogs”… this is where your dog does a running jump off a pier into swimming pool after a ball…. the furthest jump wins.

Well, Muttley was hopeless !… not since he failed at the “Bonio Eating Competition” has he shamed me up so much !.

Still, some good underwater shots of dogs that can do it ! (Click to enlarge):


Skyscanner Rocks but Wizz Air Suck …

While looking though the Windows Phone Market Place for Applications to install on my Nokia Lumia 800 phone I came across “Skyscanner”

It is a travel application (and Website)… a bit like Expedia …. but boy it is much, MUCH, better !.

I had a quick play with it while trying to co-ordinate the lads annual weekend break (to Berlin this year) with options of airports to fly from (Luton for Mick, Heathrow for me…. either for Jon) I quickly found Berlin was a no no this year, but got some fantastic flight times and prices to Prague… all through my phone !…. I then switched to the website for our accommodation.

I can’t describe how quick and easy Skyscanner is… but I am never going back to Expedia !…. you really must try it.

So why do Wizz Air suck?!…. well, the buggers cancelled our flight to Prague 5 months after booking it!.

Skyscanner to the rescue !, we are now doing a day hop via Amsterdam…. a few moments later I have x2 new flights booked, connections sorted and no need to change accommodation in Prague…. so very happy (well, not with Wizz Air and the extra £200 it is costing… but with the ease that a major disaster was averted !).

San Miguel Fresca…

… If you read the blurb its says

{Described as “a refreshing, crisp sunshine lager, best served chilled with a wedge of lime”, the product has been developed as a result of a partnership between Carlsberg UK and Mahou-San Miguel of Spain.

“Fresca” is a word often used in Spain to describe a thirst-quenching, chilled drink.}


A 4.4% lager, drunk chilled from a bottle with a wedge of lime?….hmmm… now where have I done that before?!… oh yes, in my Teenage years drinking Sol !.

So, hardly a new concept !.

This beer is very nice, and at the moment £1 cheaper than Sol for a 4 pack… problem is you feel a bit cheated that it is brewed in the UK by Carlsberg.  At least when you buy a 4 pack of Sol you know it has been imported from Mexico (well… that is unless Heineken now brew it in the UK !).

So, for me, it is still Sol if I want to stick a wedge of lime in my lager…. !

Friday, 13 April 2012

Random stuff…

Sold the Renault Megan and brought Claire a “new” dog van a couple of month ago … I call it “new”… it is R Reg, the mileage is stuck on 155,000 miles (!) and cost £900 … still, that is £600 cheaper than replacing the engine in the old van.

Well… good news, the van went for it’s MOT on Friday 13th… and passed only needing new wiper blades !.

The van also doubles up as a transport for my empty beer and wine bottles Smile


Proof I work too hard… first in the office at Reading, and first in the canteen at Bristol !


So bad…. but soooo nice !


And even worse… but even better !


Friday, 6 April 2012

What a pain in the ar5e job !

The liquid rubber is crumbling on the horse ramp and the wooden battens are rotten and loose.


After much nagging from Claire I decided to replace this today.

New 2” x 1” battens were purchased and I cut these to size; then started on taking the old battens off… arghhh what a rubbish job, the old screws had threaded heads and I ended up having to saw around screws and take these out one by one… it took over 2 hours in the end just to take the old stuff off… my hands were killing me !.

Muttley decided to help by sitting and laying on the ramp… and when I moved he moved…. when I got off the ramp he followed me… when I got back on the ramp he dropped a tennis ball for me to throw… he drove me mad !… more like 7 months old not 7 years old !.


Still, over 4 hours later and a trip to Wicks to buy some longer screws…. job done (never again !):


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