Friday, 17 February 2012

A tale of San Miguel, Dog Salmon Oil and Yumove !

Things I have found out….

  • Picture Below - Can on the left from Sainsburys is 440ml and 5%, can on the right from my corner shop is 500ml and 5.4%... Will be going to the corner shop more often!


  • Dog Salmon oil… best you can get in the UK is Grizzly Salmon oil.


1000 ml £19 delivered free from, why pay more for Fish4Dogs or Kronch ?!

  • Why buy Yumove for your dog ?… if you have a large dog like Muttley you can save a fortune buying the bits separately !.


I took a box of Yumove and broke the ingredients and dosages down and found I could buy 180 days worth of joint supplements for £19.90 !… compare that to £116.91 for Yumove !:

Buy 90 Green Lipped Mussel tablets 500ml £9.95 Buy one get one free (free P&P):

Buy 90 Glucosamine tablets 500ml £9.95 Buy one get one free (free P&P):

These give almost the same quantities of ingredients / dosages as x3 Yumove tablets (more Green Lipped Mussel, but less Glucosamine… but you do get added Chondroitin).

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