Monday, 20 February 2012

Half Term Round Up…

…I had the week off work to look after Haydon over half term while Claire and Jade did Pony Club / Horse stuff.

I walked dogs for Claire all week… some of her gang below:


(From Chewy – clock wise – Chewy, Benson, Nelson, Izzy, Muttley and Dougal).

Went with Jade to open her own bank account, when she asked how do you pay money in I explained about paying in slips… Jades comment was “what, *urgh*, that’s a faff” … I don’t know, the youth of today !.

Was also Haydon’s Birthday, he got a Roxio Game Capture for Xbox…. so far he has been spamming rubbish onto Youtube !:


He also went Karting at Teamworks Karting in Reading with his friend Dylan…. Pre race pit stop at McDonalds:


Then High 5’s after 8 races and over 85 laps ! (wow… value for money, will need to go on quiet days more often !):


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