Friday, 24 February 2012

Change to this Website soon…

… you see the little bit at the bottom of the Website that says “© 2006 Rossa ... I need to play more xbox ! “ thats how long has been around, 6 years !… where has the time gone?.

In 2006 I had to write my blogs from within RapidWeaver on the Mac and post these up… talk about a pain !… now I can blog from anywhere (except my Windows Mobile Phone…. come on Microsoft, add Windows Live Writer to my Lumia 800 !).

I also used to have to maintain photo albums etc… but these are now all in Blogger too… the website is old and needs a quick freshen up and simplified even more (!).

In my old blog I ranted that I must be the only person in the world with a corrupt Mac that will not re build… since then I have been back on Windows, so I cannot use RapidWeaver to do the update (ps… RapidWeaver… still the best Website builder you can buy… even in 2012).

But along come Serif with an offer I cannot refuse… will be getting WebPlus X5 next week

And no, I did not pay £80, or £60… im too tight for that… lets just say it was closer to £20 “for being a past customer”.  Rolling on the floor laughing

Might play with the Rooky Racers website and improve that while I am at it !Dog face

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