Thursday, 23 February 2012

Active Vetcare – Customer Service

A tale of why customer service is important …

For at least ten years I have used my local branch of Active Vetcare for the Cat, the Rats and or course my Dogs.

All without a hitch, then it all went a bit wrong….

… I wont go into details, but I am the sort of person, who, if they get miffed by bad customer service never go back to that place or supplier ever again.

My hit list includes:

  • Subway (In Winnersh only)
  • 3 Mobile
  • Spratleys (Vauxhall garage in Mortimer)
  • TheHut (
  • Swinton Insurance Brokers

I do do a great customer service list though !…. it is just much shorter !

  • Arbor Lane Garage (without a doubt the best place to have your car serviced / MOTd !)

I told you it was short lol !.

Anyway, long story short I actually took the time to contact Active Vetcare about why I was not happy and they bent over backwards to help me and sort out my complaint.

The result… i’ll be taking my pets back again… which, considering the number of vets in my area, including the offer of cheap vet care from the Vet who lives next to the stables, is good going… well done Active Vetcare !

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