Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sweets !

Had a mobile sweet shop in work today… these are for the kids… honest ! Angel


Friday, 24 February 2012

Change to this Website soon…

… you see the little bit at the bottom of the Website that says “© 2006 Rossa ... I need to play more xbox ! “ thats how long has been around, 6 years !… where has the time gone?.

In 2006 I had to write my blogs from within RapidWeaver on the Mac and post these up… talk about a pain !… now I can blog from anywhere (except my Windows Mobile Phone…. come on Microsoft, add Windows Live Writer to my Lumia 800 !).

I also used to have to maintain photo albums etc… but these are now all in Blogger too… the website is old and needs a quick freshen up and simplified even more (!).

In my old blog I ranted that I must be the only person in the world with a corrupt Mac that will not re build… since then I have been back on Windows, so I cannot use RapidWeaver to do the update (ps… RapidWeaver… still the best Website builder you can buy… even in 2012).

But along come Serif with an offer I cannot refuse… will be getting WebPlus X5 next week

And no, I did not pay £80, or £60… im too tight for that… lets just say it was closer to £20 “for being a past customer”.  Rolling on the floor laughing

Might play with the Rooky Racers website and improve that while I am at it !Dog face

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Active Vetcare – Customer Service

A tale of why customer service is important …

For at least ten years I have used my local branch of Active Vetcare for the Cat, the Rats and or course my Dogs.

All without a hitch, then it all went a bit wrong….

… I wont go into details, but I am the sort of person, who, if they get miffed by bad customer service never go back to that place or supplier ever again.

My hit list includes:

  • Subway (In Winnersh only)
  • 3 Mobile
  • Spratleys (Vauxhall garage in Mortimer)
  • TheHut (
  • Swinton Insurance Brokers

I do do a great customer service list though !…. it is just much shorter !

  • Arbor Lane Garage (without a doubt the best place to have your car serviced / MOTd !)

I told you it was short lol !.

Anyway, long story short I actually took the time to contact Active Vetcare about why I was not happy and they bent over backwards to help me and sort out my complaint.

The result… i’ll be taking my pets back again… which, considering the number of vets in my area, including the offer of cheap vet care from the Vet who lives next to the stables, is good going… well done Active Vetcare !

Monday, 20 February 2012

Half Term Round Up…

…I had the week off work to look after Haydon over half term while Claire and Jade did Pony Club / Horse stuff.

I walked dogs for Claire all week… some of her gang below:


(From Chewy – clock wise – Chewy, Benson, Nelson, Izzy, Muttley and Dougal).

Went with Jade to open her own bank account, when she asked how do you pay money in I explained about paying in slips… Jades comment was “what, *urgh*, that’s a faff” … I don’t know, the youth of today !.

Was also Haydon’s Birthday, he got a Roxio Game Capture for Xbox…. so far he has been spamming rubbish onto Youtube !:


He also went Karting at Teamworks Karting in Reading with his friend Dylan…. Pre race pit stop at McDonalds:


Then High 5’s after 8 races and over 85 laps ! (wow… value for money, will need to go on quiet days more often !):


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nom Nom Stagbar…

… after reading rave reviews about these chews for dogs I got one for Muttley & Chewy… good grief do they love it !…

It is a share bar, but when I place my next order I will get Chewy her own… !





Friday, 17 February 2012

A tale of San Miguel, Dog Salmon Oil and Yumove !

Things I have found out….

  • Picture Below - Can on the left from Sainsburys is 440ml and 5%, can on the right from my corner shop is 500ml and 5.4%... Will be going to the corner shop more often!


  • Dog Salmon oil… best you can get in the UK is Grizzly Salmon oil.


1000 ml £19 delivered free from, why pay more for Fish4Dogs or Kronch ?!

  • Why buy Yumove for your dog ?… if you have a large dog like Muttley you can save a fortune buying the bits separately !.


I took a box of Yumove and broke the ingredients and dosages down and found I could buy 180 days worth of joint supplements for £19.90 !… compare that to £116.91 for Yumove !:

Buy 90 Green Lipped Mussel tablets 500ml £9.95 Buy one get one free (free P&P):

Buy 90 Glucosamine tablets 500ml £9.95 Buy one get one free (free P&P):

These give almost the same quantities of ingredients / dosages as x3 Yumove tablets (more Green Lipped Mussel, but less Glucosamine… but you do get added Chondroitin).

Saturday, 11 February 2012

More old photos found on the Server…

… might have to go through my old hard drives laying around… this is fun Smile


And some of my old Xbox… look… I was forced to play in squalor !


Me in 2004… oooo CRT monitor !pissed2


Went to look at a new venue for Flyball training today and im stood in the field thinking "I know this field... im sure I have been here before" ... turns out it is where they used to hold the Binfield Horse Show...

... I remember towing a pony to here years ago when Jade was a little girl, anyway, im rambling Open-mouthed smile… I did a quick Google and found a link buried deep on my server that I had totally forgotten about !….

Enjoy !

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