Friday, 16 September 2011

Portugal revisited…

… Back at Micks top class villa in Portugal with Jon and Mick…

The weather was fantastic for the end of the year.

I hit pool, lazed in the sun, surfed (very badly !), drank (lots) and clubbed in Lisbon… my idea of a good lads weekend Smile

Mick and I also got shocked when Jon started speaking Wolof to the Senegalese peddlers of cheap / knock off crap in Lisbon!… “Nanga def” Jon, much respect !   (turns out he learned it from a lady in the works canteen at SAS … he speaks to her in Wolof and in return he gets larger portions of food…cunning lol !).

(The dark pictures are taken on the roof top chill out garden of a massive night club… no idea what it was called lol !)

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