Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Nokia N8 Frustration

Just back from holiday in Majorca (Mallorca) took my Nokia N8 rocking all the latest software and updates to take photos and videos, however it underperformed and most shots and videos are useless... hence there will not be much stuff posted up over the next few days.

However there might be a glimmer of hope on the horizon, Nokia & Nielson have selected me to trial their not yet released Nokia 701 phone and Belle software... On paper the phone is not the equal of the N8 but I really hope it can do the basics of taking good pictures and smooth videos.

As part of the trial I will get the chance to feed back on my experience on the phone and software... at least not being a Nokia fanboi they can be sure I wont be holding back :-)

Couple of links and a picture of the phone below (ugliest of all the new Belle phones in my opinion !).

The phone gets posted to me in a couple of weeks, I get to keep the phone after trying it out.... you'll be pleased to know im not allowed to blog etc. about the phone when I get it so no more non family posts / pictures on here !

Nokia 701

Belle OS

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