Friday, 30 September 2011

Ascot Beer Festival

Sat on the laptop one night doing a bit of surfing when an email arrives from CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale)…

…as a CAMRA member did I fancy helping out at the next Ascot Beers Festival?

I think to myself… yeah… what the hell !

So, I turn up on the day…get given my free CAMRA polo top and voucher for free lunch in the Ascot staff area.

I then get shown the staff area… with 3 barrels of beer that I can “help myself to”… this is on top of the Pint an hour I am being paid *Hic*.

My job is pulling pints… my youth spent working in a hotel bar is about to pay off!.

Below is my bar (well…. that’s a white lie… its the bar next to the one I worked on)


The weather is sunny and gorgeous … the gates open and all hell breaks loose !…. I have not worked so fast and hard in a long time !… it was relentless !… the only time I got a break was while each race ran… and then, like a huge wave, punters hit the bar again !.

Each barrel contains 88 pints of beer / stout / ale etc… 3 of us worked our small bar of 15 barrels …. we almost drained the lot… we served well over 1000 pints !… and there were at least another 12 of these bars all selling out… crazy crazy crazy stuff !.

I was well an truly knackered at the end of the day….and tipsy lol… fantastic, can’t wait to do it again next year Thumbs up

Friday, 16 September 2011

Portugal revisited…

… Back at Micks top class villa in Portugal with Jon and Mick…

The weather was fantastic for the end of the year.

I hit pool, lazed in the sun, surfed (very badly !), drank (lots) and clubbed in Lisbon… my idea of a good lads weekend Smile

Mick and I also got shocked when Jon started speaking Wolof to the Senegalese peddlers of cheap / knock off crap in Lisbon!… “Nanga def” Jon, much respect !   (turns out he learned it from a lady in the works canteen at SAS … he speaks to her in Wolof and in return he gets larger portions of food…cunning lol !).

(The dark pictures are taken on the roof top chill out garden of a massive night club… no idea what it was called lol !)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Spot Jade

Pony Club 2011, small line up of Jade's group :-)

Some jumping shots...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Random holiday photos and videos...

Not that many im afraid...

Video of the view from our bungalow...

Random photos in no particular order, and some of sandcastles that the kids wanted me to take:

Nokia N8 Frustration

Just back from holiday in Majorca (Mallorca) took my Nokia N8 rocking all the latest software and updates to take photos and videos, however it underperformed and most shots and videos are useless... hence there will not be much stuff posted up over the next few days.

However there might be a glimmer of hope on the horizon, Nokia & Nielson have selected me to trial their not yet released Nokia 701 phone and Belle software... On paper the phone is not the equal of the N8 but I really hope it can do the basics of taking good pictures and smooth videos.

As part of the trial I will get the chance to feed back on my experience on the phone and software... at least not being a Nokia fanboi they can be sure I wont be holding back :-)

Couple of links and a picture of the phone below (ugliest of all the new Belle phones in my opinion !).

The phone gets posted to me in a couple of weeks, I get to keep the phone after trying it out.... you'll be pleased to know im not allowed to blog etc. about the phone when I get it so no more non family posts / pictures on here !

Nokia 701

Belle OS

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