Monday, 22 August 2011


Well, what a hectic weekend !.

Jade, both dogs and I went to the British Flyball Champs held at Arbury Hall ... Muttley and Chewy raced together on Friday (5th out of 6 teams !)... and Jade also run Tosca on Saturday (6th out of 6 teams !).. so, we could have done better :-)

Still, had great fun with the team and the dogs enjoyed chasing Grouse which they had never seen before and were facinated that they ran 'till the last minute before flying out of the way !.

We dashed back Saturday night and packed Jade up for Pony Club camp on Sunday morning, she and a friend are sharing the caravan for a week.

And of course, Jade turned 13 on Sunday... im now the father of a teenager :-)

This is what Jade got upto at the last camp !

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