Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Random Stuff...

Been a while since I last posted... lets see if much has happened... well, in a word, no :-)

Currently taking a break from travelling to Manchester with work, spending time in Bristol and Swindon now, a much easier journey from Winnersh !.

Claire's dog van went "bang" in a big way last week, it is beyond repair, so the Vectra is being promoted back to "dog carrier, Stable visiting, horse feed carrying, caravan towing, Flyball travelling" work horse !.

To help help it out we are getting a Renault Scenic this Thursday... given up on vans... they cost too much and get treated like cr@p before they hit the used market (Picture of the Scenic from Autotrader):

At the weekend I hacked the jungle away in the back garden and tidied up the back fence (I just need to plant all the pots and re grass seed now !)... a job well done even if I do say so myself (this is now week 5 without playing the Xbox !).

Random photos from Facebook etc...

Muttley and a hot dog !

(Jade as an 'ickle kid... click to make slightly bigger)

Ops !

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