Thursday, 24 February 2011

Half Term Update

Well... it's wet and cold, what a bad time to take a week off work lol !.

Had a belated birthday party for Haydon this week, went bowling with some of his friends, then four of them came back to the house to suckle on Xbox games !... after that Jade escaped to Grandma's house while Haydon had a sleep over.

Jade has been doing pony stuff this weekend and goes to visit Bumble to see how she is doing at her loan home (yep, we still own Bumble !).

Today im going to try and get the old horse box started so Claire can sell it and pay off our overdraft !.

Also going to spend sometime with Colins old (very old!) laptop to see if I can get Jolicloud runing on it :-)

Saturday is another indoor Flyball competition, came 1st last time... no reason why we cant do it again this weekend.

(PS... im now 2 stone lighter ! )

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