Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Kids take control…

…They drag out the tree and decorations and do it themselves …. Just waiting ‘till they start cooking me dinner Smile

Starting off…


Half way there …


Get ready…


And reveal !…..


Jade then dresses up Chewy who is NOT impressed !


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Poor Muttley…

… was in the wars a bit today in Flyball training, then got side swiped by his hyper active team mate.

Means he misses the last competition of the year in Woking next week Sad smile


Lead walks, bland food and lots of drugs for the next two weeks … groan !

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Just for Mum & Dad who have yet to join Facebook… random photos from Sally-Anne and Jonathan…

And yes, the young girl with Sally-Anne is Caitlin !.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Xbox Kinect ruined my rep :-(

After 8 years of having 100% perfect rep on Xbox live I jump into a game of NFS Hot Pursuit… little knowing that the Kinect bar microphone is active even when not playing Kinect games.

This resulted in game feedback over XBL with many gamers shouting at me to “shut the **** up” … I was on line for 3 minutes at the most but the damage was done… I now have a 6% disruptive feedback… I hate you Kinect !…

Still… could be worse… look at Haydon 73% avoidance ?!….lol !   Respect for being so bad son Winking smile


The hunt for sweet senf…

So there I am, stood in Sainsburys, looking at the white Bratwurst on the shelf and im thinking to myself "Shame they don't sell sweet senf"; with a shrug I walk off.
The next day at work im chatting to Tony, he owns an Italian Deli in Basingstoke... and while he is at work cutting code his wife and daughter run http://www.delissimo.co.uk/ I explain my sweet senf predicament and he tells me a "German Deli Van" turns up every Wednesday near Reading market... they might sell some.
Armed with this information I head over to the market and have a look around... I tell you what, Reading market is getting smaller, many empty plots ... and also no German Deli Van ... so I grab a bench and kick back with a can of Mountain Dew before heading back to work.
And then... it arrives... a beat up old van pulls up on the side of the road... and like some freaky movie where people appear from the crowd it gets descended upon by Germans... loads of them appear from nowhere... in suits, with kids, old, young, students, workers, house wives !...
It was really mad being in a van full of people speaking German (the driver is also German)... they are mainly buying German bread.
Still, they did indeed have sweet senf !… and in my best German I also ordered a large pretzel mit salz Smile


That evening the family dined on Bratwurst… and im pleased to say they all hate sweet senf so its mine, all mine ! mawhahaha lol !  result !

Friday, 4 November 2011

Tuggy Wars !

Chewy Verses Harry… in the end the Tuggy lost !

Doopid Dogs !

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bring out your small dogs !

I am now qualified to measure height dogs… the kids HATE it… means they have to wake up early for Flyball competitions as dog measuring always takes place at 8am Surprised smile


Also, the team will now be easier to find in a field of other teams with our new flag !  (I think that is Jade’s head that it is growing out of !)


We also have over a £1000 worth of new Flyball boxes coming from Belgium in December… if you fancy buying our old Pete Cave KV9 or Alvah boxes let me know !…or £500 sponsors one of our boxes and gets you mentioned on our Flyball site, advertised on the box and added to our team shirts ! (bit of a long shot asking for that on a family blog lol !)

Monday, 31 October 2011

Trick or Treat Jade style

Jade is very creative … those are screws stuck into her head and hand using lumps of Prit-Stick ! (don’t get me started on the bad quality of the photos taken by the crappy Nokia 701 camera !)



Friday, 28 October 2011

Working in Swindon

Currently doing some work that takes me between Reading, Swindon and Bristol… funny how I managed to end up in Swindon today…planned?… no, of course not Winking smile




Friday, 30 September 2011

Ascot Beer Festival

Sat on the laptop one night doing a bit of surfing when an email arrives from CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale)…

…as a CAMRA member did I fancy helping out at the next Ascot Beers Festival?


I think to myself… yeah… what the hell !

So, I turn up on the day…get given my free CAMRA polo top and voucher for free lunch in the Ascot staff area.

I then get shown the staff area… with 3 barrels of beer that I can “help myself to”… this is on top of the Pint an hour I am being paid *Hic*.

My job is pulling pints… my youth spent working in a hotel bar is about to pay off!.

Below is my bar (well…. that’s a white lie… its the bar next to the one I worked on)


The weather is sunny and gorgeous … the gates open and all hell breaks loose !…. I have not worked so fast and hard in a long time !… it was relentless !… the only time I got a break was while each race ran… and then, like a huge wave, punters hit the bar again !.

Each barrel contains 88 pints of beer / stout / ale etc… 3 of us worked our small bar of 15 barrels …. we almost drained the lot… we served well over 1000 pints !… and there were at least another 12 of these bars all selling out… crazy crazy crazy stuff !.

I was well an truly knackered at the end of the day….and tipsy lol… fantastic, can’t wait to do it again next year Thumbs up

Friday, 16 September 2011

Portugal revisited…

… Back at Micks top class villa in Portugal with Jon and Mick…

The weather was fantastic for the end of the year.

I hit pool, lazed in the sun, surfed (very badly !), drank (lots) and clubbed in Lisbon… my idea of a good lads weekend Smile

Mick and I also got shocked when Jon started speaking Wolof to the Senegalese peddlers of cheap / knock off crap in Lisbon!… “Nanga def” Jon, much respect !   (turns out he learned it from a lady in the works canteen at SAS … he speaks to her in Wolof and in return he gets larger portions of food…cunning lol !).

(The dark pictures are taken on the roof top chill out garden of a massive night club… no idea what it was called lol !)

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