Saturday, 20 November 2010

I love this

Click on this link ... it's so stupid but so funny.

Stupid iPhone :-)

Friday night at Gamerbase

Haydon and I went to Gamerbase in Reading last night to play the new Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit game (RRP £49.99) for free.

They were also running a competition while we were there... set the fastest lap time and win free goodies.

Haydon was impressed that I was 2nd quickest all night !... not only did I win him some free Assassin Creed T-Shirts but I also won a copy of the Need For Speed game lol !... a very productive night all in all :-)

He's playing it at the moment ... bless !

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Pictures off Jade's Phone


... you must excuse the mess, however I have been trying different places in the room to set the Kinect up.

Problem is you need to be a good 12' from the Kinect Bar for it to work with two players.

So have decided on wall mounting the TV above the sofa and doing it that way... good thing we don't use that TV for watching TV lol !

Quick vid of Jade on Dance Central ... will post some more up once the room is tidy !

And this is what the Kinect videos of Jade :-)

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