Friday, 23 April 2010

Opperation Caravan

Well, the caravan got home late last night.

I need to practice my reversing... I thought doing it with a trailer tent was bad... this is even worse :-)

First two jobs this weekend.

1) Clear everything out and give the van a good going over; get a snag list together.
2) Buy a bottle of Fenwicks caravan cleaner and wash the outside; get a snag list together for that too.

Then i'll know if this is a heap, a bargain, or somewhere in between !.

Ideas for my birthday... I was going to say "nothing please, save it for Xbox Natal at Christmas" ... but now some vouchers for Halfords might come in handy ! (I know for a fact the rear bumper needs Glass Fibre treatment).

Pictures etc. to follow (and you thought my Flyball posts were bad... this could be even worse !)

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