Friday, 23 April 2010

Opperation Caravan

Well, the caravan got home late last night.

I need to practice my reversing... I thought doing it with a trailer tent was bad... this is even worse :-)

First two jobs this weekend.

1) Clear everything out and give the van a good going over; get a snag list together.
2) Buy a bottle of Fenwicks caravan cleaner and wash the outside; get a snag list together for that too.

Then i'll know if this is a heap, a bargain, or somewhere in between !.

Ideas for my birthday... I was going to say "nothing please, save it for Xbox Natal at Christmas" ... but now some vouchers for Halfords might come in handy ! (I know for a fact the rear bumper needs Glass Fibre treatment).

Pictures etc. to follow (and you thought my Flyball posts were bad... this could be even worse !)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Having a mid-life moment ?!

Well... finally got a caravan !

After weeks of looking at caravans up to £3000 I ended up getting a bit miffed... either they had soft floors, or damp damage, or came without essential accessories.

I did see a very nice one that needed only a few bits and bobs, but that went for £2470 .. and still needed to add on a leisure battery and save money for an extra electric point on the car.. so it was a bit close to our limit... and I did worry about the smell of frebreze and one springy spot on the floor.

Then the other day this came up...

Now, its 20 years old (most of the ones in our price range have been 17 - 20 years old) but has a solid floor, awning, aqua roll, waste water hog, leisure battery etc. etc. it also has a small spot of damp damage in one point at the top of a wall.

I hummed and ahhed, ahhed and hummed ... "never buy a caravan with damp" is what everyone says... but then I found a web site showing how people have fixed it them selves with a bit of patience and a couple of hundred pounds.. and that was it !, I now see this as a fixer up project ! ... im getting all excited at the thought of fiber glassing the rear bumper, re-sealing the joints, replacing the damp damage !.

Don't get me wrong, its not terribly bad... will go away in it first to a few Flyball competitions, then do this in the summer (no rain please!).

Fingers crossed ive made the right choice... if not ive just wasted £1,350 !

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Doing our bit for the environment

I love this !... available at Sainsburys and Waitrose... they need to do OJ etc. too !

Friday, 9 April 2010

Splinter Cell Conviction, Gamerbase & Ubisoft

Haydon and I got the opportunity to play the as yet unreleased Splinter Cell Conviction game yesterday evening at Gamerbase in Reading!. (On the Xbox of course!).

Ubisoft kindly gave us pizza and drinks too !.

A great night and a great game ... big thumbs up to Ubisoft and Gamerbase... and thanks for the t-shirts!

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