Sunday, 21 February 2010

Jade and Tizzy

Jumping at the BCA this weekend.

Tizzy fluffed the doubles.... so thats what will be worked on this year !

Xbox Live... Love It !...

According to my Gamertag I've been playing on Xbox Live for 7 years now... 7 Years !... where have I found the time ?!.

In that time I have played 254 different games !.

When my parents got me the original Xbox for my Birthday I lived for playing Dead or Alive; then the Xbox Live Beta testing launched with Moto GP racing... and I was hooked!, racing players from all over the globe was a challenge I had never experienced before!.

I play many games now just to earn Achievements, but there are a handful of games I play for the love of the game and Moto GP is one of them... and now... a new version is being launched !... lets hope its as good as the original !...

Friday, 19 February 2010

MWC Over ... let down...

Well, the 2010 MWC has come and gone, I had hoped there would be news of a 12Mp Android phone but no... all still 5Mp.

I also had my fingers crossed that Samsung would anounce that their W880 camera phone would make it to Europe... again... nothing.

And then MicroSoft announce Windows Mobile 7... with Xbox Live... ooooooo purrrrrr !... if they can marry this to a phone that takes photos as well as my Sony Ericsson C905 then im sold !

Link to Windows Mobile 7 website

Haydon turns 9

Haydon turned 9 this week, so he invited three of his friends over.

They played Xbox, went bowling, had some food and then one of them slept over.

All in all a much more peaceful affair with only a few friends round !

Why they insisted on playing the Xbox in the office and not the living room where they could have sat on a sofa I will never know!.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lets see...

My Virgin Media Cable broadband has been... well... cr@p for months now....

I pay for a 20Mb service and rarely get above 2Mb.. so tomorrow they are coming to check everything out.

Lets see what they can do... here is the "before" speed...


(1Mb download.. utter rubbish !)

Saturday, 13 February 2010


... not since the self cleaning toilet seats at Munich airport have I been impressed with a toilet gadget... !

Just came across this at our office in Cheltenham... imagine if I had been caught taking the photo, people would have thought im some sort of weirdo :-)

It rocks !

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

This is one of the apps I use on my mobile phone

Athough the new Opera beta is looking good...

New version of mobile browser will pre-load web apps for faster loading and execution

The new widgets capability will be introduced in beta as part of Bitstream's 1.7 version of Bolt, to be released to the public at MWC.

Although Bolt already runs website-based applications written in Ajax, Javascript and other programming languages, the pre-load element should aid performance. There will also be a bundled Bolt Widget Gallery.

Sampo Kaasila, vice president of research and development at Bitstream, said: “The vast majority of phones in use today are ‘feature phones’ not smartphones.

"By adding Web apps to Bolt, Bitstream is not only improving the usability of our mobile browser, we are also making it possible for literally billions of people to partake in the mobile apps revolution.”

Little Brother

Jon becomes a Managing Director of his own company !


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