Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A story of Gin and Paper work

Well... we now have a new carpet in the living room !... wow !... looks fab! (lets see what it is like in a few weeks time !).

Last weekend we went to the British Flyball Championships to compete in Division 20.

Weather was great, I even think Claire and the Kids enjoyed themselves camping for a few nights in our trailer tent:

Racing went very well indeed ... the team is now in a grove !:

Extract -

Div 20 (out of 32)
Position 2nd
Fastest Time - 20.47 seconds

Wolverines - We won! - our time 20.71 seconds
Shooting Star Jokers - We Won! - our time 21.60 seconds
Blackpool Quasars - We Won!, (but then DSQ)- our time - 20.47 seconds
Ramsay Raiders - We Won! - our time - 20.70 seconds
Aces Hobbits - We Won! - our time 21.31 seconds

Dogs running
Tosca, Indy, Indie, Muttley, Milly.

Important to note that we beat our seed time for this comp 4 times! 20.70, 20.71, 20.47, 20.61

(Due to a minor infringement of admin paperwork that did not affect the actual racing, in race 3 against the Blackpool Quasars, we were DSQ.)

Problem is that one race disqualification lost the team the BFA Division winners shield and a crystal laser engraved trophy for each of the team members ... such a crying shame as we spanked the other teams ... still, there is always next year !.

I never knew this but Kate & Gin from Britain's Got Talent also do Flyball ... she turned 18 on the Saturday.. and as she went up for her rosette 400 + people in the marquee all sang "Happy Birthday to you" !.

Cant wait for next year ... it's been two sunny Champs in a row... fingers crossed for more of the same in 2010 !.

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