Thursday, 27 August 2009

Standing in the door of the Pink Flamingo

Well only a few months after starting up the Rooky Racers - the clash of personalities and opionions has split the founding members 50 / 50. (Just want to say nothing to do with me!, I still get on great with everyone !).

Rob, Sarah, Karen and Geoff have left to train with Lightning Strikes, taking the teams fastest dog Indy and most improved dog Indie with them.

It means we now only have 3 division dogs... so no more races in 2010 (Indie has kindly agreed to race in our last two races of 2009) until we can get a starter dog trained up and out of netting.

Talking of Starter dogs they did their first ever race at Imber Court the other weekend... Haydon and Jade did box loading in the absence of Geoff (for 2010 they will be registered to box load real races !).

Im pleased to say the team did fab and won !.

Three of the dogs are potential Rooky Racers... the other is slower and my plan is to get him paired up with Muttley in the Rooky Raiders (our slower team).

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