Monday, 31 August 2009

Random Photo's from Dymchurch & Saltwood

It was not all Flyball at Sellindge !...

Fingers crossed we'll go next year and stay for a long weekend :-)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Bank Holiday weekend plans...

Jade comes home from Pony Club camp this Saturday, so we will be busy packing up the trailer tent, pony and all her junk !.

On Sunday Haydon and I set off to a pub in Hythe:

Pub details

This 10 minutes down the road from a flyball competition in Sellinge.. so fingers crossed the weather is nice and we can walk the dog's on the beach.

Racing is on Monday... lets just hope the traffic is not bad on the way home!

(This is the only place I could find that did B&B for £55 and let your dogs stay for free... everywhere else either said no dogs or £10 per dog per night !... holidaying in the UK with dogs needs planning !)

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Standing in the door of the Pink Flamingo

Well only a few months after starting up the Rooky Racers - the clash of personalities and opionions has split the founding members 50 / 50. (Just want to say nothing to do with me!, I still get on great with everyone !).

Rob, Sarah, Karen and Geoff have left to train with Lightning Strikes, taking the teams fastest dog Indy and most improved dog Indie with them.

It means we now only have 3 division dogs... so no more races in 2010 (Indie has kindly agreed to race in our last two races of 2009) until we can get a starter dog trained up and out of netting.

Talking of Starter dogs they did their first ever race at Imber Court the other weekend... Haydon and Jade did box loading in the absence of Geoff (for 2010 they will be registered to box load real races !).

Im pleased to say the team did fab and won !.

Three of the dogs are potential Rooky Racers... the other is slower and my plan is to get him paired up with Muttley in the Rooky Raiders (our slower team).

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A story of Gin and Paper work

Well... we now have a new carpet in the living room !... wow !... looks fab! (lets see what it is like in a few weeks time !).

Last weekend we went to the British Flyball Championships to compete in Division 20.

Weather was great, I even think Claire and the Kids enjoyed themselves camping for a few nights in our trailer tent:

Racing went very well indeed ... the team is now in a grove !:

Extract -

Div 20 (out of 32)
Position 2nd
Fastest Time - 20.47 seconds

Wolverines - We won! - our time 20.71 seconds
Shooting Star Jokers - We Won! - our time 21.60 seconds
Blackpool Quasars - We Won!, (but then DSQ)- our time - 20.47 seconds
Ramsay Raiders - We Won! - our time - 20.70 seconds
Aces Hobbits - We Won! - our time 21.31 seconds

Dogs running
Tosca, Indy, Indie, Muttley, Milly.

Important to note that we beat our seed time for this comp 4 times! 20.70, 20.71, 20.47, 20.61

(Due to a minor infringement of admin paperwork that did not affect the actual racing, in race 3 against the Blackpool Quasars, we were DSQ.)

Problem is that one race disqualification lost the team the BFA Division winners shield and a crystal laser engraved trophy for each of the team members ... such a crying shame as we spanked the other teams ... still, there is always next year !.

I never knew this but Kate & Gin from Britain's Got Talent also do Flyball ... she turned 18 on the Saturday.. and as she went up for her rosette 400 + people in the marquee all sang "Happy Birthday to you" !.

Cant wait for next year ... it's been two sunny Champs in a row... fingers crossed for more of the same in 2010 !.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Testing Windows Live Writer again (with Silverlight)


Get Microsoft Silverlight Get Microsoft Silverlight

Off camping this weekend

At the British Flyball Championships... fingers crossed our fast dog is still not lame by the time we race, dont think I could face coming last at this event again !.

Monday, 3 August 2009


The (literally !) heavy boys !

Jade finds a new puppy at Flyball (no... we did not take it home !)

Flyball - Past, Present and Future!

Past (Two weeks ago)

Div 3
Position 6
Fastest Time - 21.65 seconds

Basset Jelly atrics - Lost to them - our time 22.12 seconds
Maple Leaf Rockets - We Won! - our time 21.97 seconds
Madd Mutt-leys - We lost to them - our time 22.28 seconds
Molten Marvels - We lost to them - our time - 23.05 seconds
Barkshire Bambinos - We lost to them - our time - 21.65 seconds

Dogs running
Tosca, Indy/Indie, Muttley, Milly.

Present (Weekend just gone !)

Div 5
Position 1st
Fastest Time - 20.37 seconds

Shooting Star Jokers - We won! - our time 20.86 seconds
Soxon Sprinters - We Won - our time 20.37 seconds
Aces Hobbits - We Won! - our time - 20.97 seconds
Buccaroos - We Won! - our time - 20.57 seconds
Aces Win - We Won (a Bye) - our time 20.44 seconds

Dogs running
Tosca, Indy, Indie, Muttley, Milly.

New seed time established - 20.37 seconds.

Future - BFA Championships !

Cant do any worse than last year where we came last with the Bouncers! ... new team, new dogs...and checking the competition out we have beaten two of the teams in our division already ;-)

Fingers crossed !

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