Monday, 6 July 2009

Beta Testing !

Yay !... I have finally got into a beta test programme ! ... for, of all things, satnav on my mobile phone !.

My phone comes with GPS built in to geo tag photos ... this can also be used for satnav / location services, and although I have Navman and AmaZe installed neither work to be of any use (at all !).

In fact even as a geo tagging device its pretty rubbish, its no iPhone !.

So, I am testing a product supplied by they currently make satnav for blackberry devices, but are now trying more "basic" mobile phones.

So far I can say it actually works with my phone !.... it stopped working on the way to Blockbuster.. but on the way home it was fine...

I'll let you know if its worth the money soon (well, it is for me, I get it free as a tester !).

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