Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sipping on a cold Greene King Dallaglios Heros

Mmmm nice ale !...

Anyway, Flyball, my prediction came true, without our fastest dog we had trouble getting under 21 seconds.. still, we gave some good races and despite only beating one team we were bloody unlucky not to do better ... Muttley bless his socks ran his heart out in the blistering heat.

At the competition was "Asher"one of the fastest flyball dogs in the UK.. Asher can (and did today) cover the jumps and box in under 4 seconds.. it's very impressive to watch for real !...

And for our neighbours... proof that Rottweilers can do Flyball !

At the end of the day they handed out Flyball awards .... including "Diamond" Flyball Dog... thats 60,000 points !... as a guide a really good dog can earn 200 points max in a day !... thats pretty amazing going !. (Muttley has 600 points after nearly two years ! lol !).

On a more scary note one of the Division Two (fast) Dogs, a brown labradoodle suffered heat stroke, the poor dog staggered round all stiff legged like a horse doing dressage before collapsing... luckily 10 minutes of cold water and wet towels got him back to his feet and he walked back to his tent... hope he's okay.

Right, Lets see if Jade and Tizzy do better at BCA tomorrow !

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