Friday, 12 June 2009

Last Jade update !... Peace & Quiet about to come to an end !

Well, the week is finally over and the children have done most of their packing. It was very interesting watching them shove and cram their clothes into their suitcases - just make sure you hold your breath when they are opened!!!

Today the weather has been good - no rain and not too cold. The children in Group A went sailing today. Mrs Cooley really enjoyed her ride on the safety boat! Grou B went down the mine. Groups C,D and E went orienteering in the morning and then shopping in the afternoon. A lot of the children did buy sensible things.

Onnce the children returned back to RYG they had to sort out all their kit and return it. Amazingly it was all there and none had gone missing.

The children enjoyed pizza and chips for their evening meal followed by cake. As always, they all wanted extra.

The children have had a fabulous time and have been really well behaved. You will be amazed at the cleaning and tidying skills they now have and I'm sure they would like to practice these more often at home.

The children will have a disco tonight with the world famous 'DJ Howell' in charge of the music.

We shall be leaving RYG at 10am on Saturday morning and hope to arrive safely back to Winnersh around 3:30pm.

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