Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Jade update TUESDAY

The weather has been good for us today. It has not been raining but has stayed cloudy all day with the temperature around 14 degrees.

All the children slept well last night and were all fast asleep by 10:30. How lovely this was for the staff. Equally, the children did not wake up early - some needed to be woken up at 7:30 so they did not miss breakfast at 8am.

Today the children have been enjoying the following activities;
Group A went down a mine which included a candle-lit dinner, Group B went sailing on lake Bala, Group C and E went on a hill trail in the morning andn then gorge walking in the afternoon and Group D went rock climbing.

All the children had a great time and came back tired and hungry. The children enjoyed lasagne for tea followed by rice pudding for pudding!

Tonight the children will be working on developing the science skills. They will be carrying out an investigationn with eggs. The centre staff will set them the challenge of dropping an egg from the highest height without the egg breaking. The children will however, have a range of materials which they can use to protect their egg. I'm sure they will all have a smashing time and I hope they don't crack under the pressure.

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