Monday, 8 June 2009

Jade Update SUNDAY

Where Jade has gone: Wet Wales !

Jades group:

Group C - Miss Devereaux, Emily P, Lucy, Joanna, Jasmine B, Alice H, Jade, Charlie, Bradley, Jake, Callum.

Sunday Update:

We are pleased to report that everyone arrived safely at 3:30pm yesterday. The children were very good on the coach with no one being sick! The weather was poor most of the way with lots of heavy rain. However, on arrival to RYG it stopped raining and the sun tried to shine a little bit on us:-)

After unpacking and having a tour of the centre the children were all kitted out with walking boots and waterproofs ready for the week's activities.

Tea consisted of fish, chips and peas which went down a storm - no pun intended - followed by peaches and ice cream. It was then off for a stroll to have a look at the wonderful views.

The children had great fun climbing styles and walking through the woods up the hillside encountering many sheep on the way. The view from the top was breathtaking even though it was overcast.

Due to all the rain it was rather boggy at the top. Many children managed to get their Wellies stuck while other's just jumped in for the fun of it. One child could not be parted with their slippers so put them in their rucksack for the walk.

Chores were completed and evening drinks and biscuits distributed. The children then wrote letters and got ready for bed. All children were tucked up and fast asleep by 1:15am (a big improvement on last year!!!

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