Friday, 12 June 2009

Im a Mac and Im a PC....

Well... my Mac went "POP" and took a darn load of pictures and music with it !.

"Should have backed up" you say... well, all my external HDD's only work with PC's !.. .and there in lays the reason for this short blog:

Mac Good:

  • 100% Virus free for years
  • RapidWeaver web development, best web app ive ever used
  • MP3Trimmer, simple and sweet

Mac Bad:

  • See above... two good apps after all these years !
  • Hardware compatability... yes for cameras, no for most other stuff... and I also needed to buy a special printer that would work with it !

So, I have decided, never going to have a Mac again... and will back up data in future ... by either using a NAS or the free "V Stuff Backup" web solution from Virgin.

Short blog over... role on Windows 7 :-)

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