Monday, 29 June 2009

David's Birthday

Went out for an Italian meal with the kids, very nice!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sipping on a cold Greene King Dallaglios Heros

Mmmm nice ale !...

Anyway, Flyball, my prediction came true, without our fastest dog we had trouble getting under 21 seconds.. still, we gave some good races and despite only beating one team we were bloody unlucky not to do better ... Muttley bless his socks ran his heart out in the blistering heat.

At the competition was "Asher"one of the fastest flyball dogs in the UK.. Asher can (and did today) cover the jumps and box in under 4 seconds.. it's very impressive to watch for real !...

And for our neighbours... proof that Rottweilers can do Flyball !

At the end of the day they handed out Flyball awards .... including "Diamond" Flyball Dog... thats 60,000 points !... as a guide a really good dog can earn 200 points max in a day !... thats pretty amazing going !. (Muttley has 600 points after nearly two years ! lol !).

On a more scary note one of the Division Two (fast) Dogs, a brown labradoodle suffered heat stroke, the poor dog staggered round all stiff legged like a horse doing dressage before collapsing... luckily 10 minutes of cold water and wet towels got him back to his feet and he walked back to his tent... hope he's okay.

Right, Lets see if Jade and Tizzy do better at BCA tomorrow !

Friday, 26 June 2009

Jump practice before Sunday

Well... Flyball on Saturday could be fun, our best dog has gone lame...

Still, Tizzy looks okay for Sunday !

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Flyball next Saturday...

... Gosh Darn it !... ranked 1st AGAIN !...

Division 6

Judge: Penny Charlton

Ring party: Barkshires and Maples

Rooky Racers 20.77

Hampshire Hounds 20.77

FourPaws Flying 20.85

Ace’s Hobbits 20.95

Buccaroos 21.88

Soxon Runners 21.96

Muttley's old team is running in Division 7.. will be good to catch up with the ole gang !

Brother Vs Sister

The first round was over in one hit... I didn't even have time to press record !

Monday, 15 June 2009

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday, 12 June 2009

Best free product for a PC - Anti Virus

No contest ... used it for years...

Proved idiot proof by my in-laws (lol ! sorry David !) as they have used it for age's on the PC I built them with no problems !.

Rossa promotes the use of:

Click me for more info !

Im a Mac and Im a PC....

Well... my Mac went "POP" and took a darn load of pictures and music with it !.

"Should have backed up" you say... well, all my external HDD's only work with PC's !.. .and there in lays the reason for this short blog:

Mac Good:

  • 100% Virus free for years
  • RapidWeaver web development, best web app ive ever used
  • MP3Trimmer, simple and sweet

Mac Bad:

  • See above... two good apps after all these years !
  • Hardware compatability... yes for cameras, no for most other stuff... and I also needed to buy a special printer that would work with it !

So, I have decided, never going to have a Mac again... and will back up data in future ... by either using a NAS or the free "V Stuff Backup" web solution from Virgin.

Short blog over... role on Windows 7 :-)

Testing Google Video in Blogger

Random video... Muttley passes the time up the stables !

Very old video of Jade and Bumble !

Last Jade update !... Peace & Quiet about to come to an end !

Well, the week is finally over and the children have done most of their packing. It was very interesting watching them shove and cram their clothes into their suitcases - just make sure you hold your breath when they are opened!!!

Today the weather has been good - no rain and not too cold. The children in Group A went sailing today. Mrs Cooley really enjoyed her ride on the safety boat! Grou B went down the mine. Groups C,D and E went orienteering in the morning and then shopping in the afternoon. A lot of the children did buy sensible things.

Onnce the children returned back to RYG they had to sort out all their kit and return it. Amazingly it was all there and none had gone missing.

The children enjoyed pizza and chips for their evening meal followed by cake. As always, they all wanted extra.

The children have had a fabulous time and have been really well behaved. You will be amazed at the cleaning and tidying skills they now have and I'm sure they would like to practice these more often at home.

The children will have a disco tonight with the world famous 'DJ Howell' in charge of the music.

We shall be leaving RYG at 10am on Saturday morning and hope to arrive safely back to Winnersh around 3:30pm.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thumbs up before caving !

Jade update THURSDAY

The sun has arrived in Wales :0). Although the temperature here is still only around 14 degrees is was nice to see some blue sky and sunshine.

Today Group A went on their hill trail in the morning and then the gorge walk in the afternoon. Groups B and E went rock climbing, Group C went down the mine and Group D had a fantastic day on the lake.

Again, as yesterday the children have been really well behaved and the instructors have been impressed with them.

The children enjoyed Turkey for their evening meal followed by a kind of cheesecake.

The children's evening activity was orienteering around the RYG centre.

Groups C, D and E will have the opportunity to spend some money in the RYG shop tonight and will be going on their shopping spree tomorrow afternoon.

More Natal stuff!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Jade update WEDNESDAY

Where does the time go? It is hard to believe that there are only 3 days until we all return to Winnersh.

Today the children have all been working well with their activities. Group A and B went orienteering in the morning and then visited Bala town with its few charity shops a bank and so on in the afternoon. Hopefully the childrne have chosen teir gifts wisely! Group C enjoyed a day of sailing – although the children were provided with a paddle as the wind was not very strong – only around 1 on the Beaufort Wind Scale! Group D enjoyed the morning on the hill trail and then went gorge walking in the afternoon. Group E probably had the driest day as they went down a mine.

The children enjoyed beef stew for their dinner today with the majority of them asking for seconds.

The children spent the first part of the evening clearing up their waterproofs, jumpers, trainers, socks, trousers and other items of clothing which had been left in various places around the centre in the hope that they would miraculously find their own way to the drying room, onto their pegs or back to their rooms.

The children enjoyed supper very much as they had doughnuts and hot chocolate. They have all enjoyed reading their letters from home.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Jade update TUESDAY

The weather has been good for us today. It has not been raining but has stayed cloudy all day with the temperature around 14 degrees.

All the children slept well last night and were all fast asleep by 10:30. How lovely this was for the staff. Equally, the children did not wake up early - some needed to be woken up at 7:30 so they did not miss breakfast at 8am.

Today the children have been enjoying the following activities;
Group A went down a mine which included a candle-lit dinner, Group B went sailing on lake Bala, Group C and E went on a hill trail in the morning andn then gorge walking in the afternoon and Group D went rock climbing.

All the children had a great time and came back tired and hungry. The children enjoyed lasagne for tea followed by rice pudding for pudding!

Tonight the children will be working on developing the science skills. They will be carrying out an investigationn with eggs. The centre staff will set them the challenge of dropping an egg from the highest height without the egg breaking. The children will however, have a range of materials which they can use to protect their egg. I'm sure they will all have a smashing time and I hope they don't crack under the pressure.

Where's Walley...

.. Sorry I mean Jade!... can you spot her ?!

Going up !

Made it !

Monday, 8 June 2009

Jade Update MONDAY

All the children woke up very excited today and very early as well. Breakfast was served at 8am and was followed by the children having to make their own lunch. After this, the children all met together to be told which groups they would be in (please see group lists).

Groups A and C went rock climbing, Group B went on a hill trail in the morning and a gorge walk during the afternoon, Group D went down a mine and Group E went Sailing. All the children had lots of fun doing today's activities with none of them moaning or complaining about having to walk up big hills.

Some of the children managed a shower today, although others have still not worked out how to open a wash bag - or what the funny smelling oblong thing is for!

For tea tonight, the children had bangers and mash, followed by blackberry and apple crumble.

Jade Update SUNDAY

Where Jade has gone: Wet Wales !

Jades group:

Group C - Miss Devereaux, Emily P, Lucy, Joanna, Jasmine B, Alice H, Jade, Charlie, Bradley, Jake, Callum.

Sunday Update:

We are pleased to report that everyone arrived safely at 3:30pm yesterday. The children were very good on the coach with no one being sick! The weather was poor most of the way with lots of heavy rain. However, on arrival to RYG it stopped raining and the sun tried to shine a little bit on us:-)

After unpacking and having a tour of the centre the children were all kitted out with walking boots and waterproofs ready for the week's activities.

Tea consisted of fish, chips and peas which went down a storm - no pun intended - followed by peaches and ice cream. It was then off for a stroll to have a look at the wonderful views.

The children had great fun climbing styles and walking through the woods up the hillside encountering many sheep on the way. The view from the top was breathtaking even though it was overcast.

Due to all the rain it was rather boggy at the top. Many children managed to get their Wellies stuck while other's just jumped in for the fun of it. One child could not be parted with their slippers so put them in their rucksack for the walk.

Chores were completed and evening drinks and biscuits distributed. The children then wrote letters and got ready for bed. All children were tucked up and fast asleep by 1:15am (a big improvement on last year!!!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Kids, Dogs, Paper...

...apparently they made the Wokingham Times too ... will have to have a look !

Rhos-Y-Gwaliau Outdoor Education Centre

Well... Jade is now off for the week to do her outward bounds course.

No contact allowed .. only by letter !:

You can tell she was really upset about leaving for the week :-)

After Jade left Claire, Haydon and I went with the dogs to a dog show in Woodley... guess what, Muttley came 2nd in "Most Handsom Dog" up against many many others !... bless his hairy face !...

Friday, 5 June 2009


The reviews are coming in from E3, real people have played this and say it absolutely amazing... and works as per the video below.

Just walk up to the xbox, and even if your short, tall, fat or thin... if it's night time... if you pull up a chair etc. it snaps onto your body and knows what bit is bit etc.

Reading the product specs and the tricks this thing does just blows me away. (Google "Project Natal" to find out more).

Mum, Dad, Claire ... if you reading this... me wants badly !

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Top films of 2009 so far..

Sorry, Quantum Of Solace was not that great.

We have a new number one ... just itching to watch it again !...

Star Trek from Sleeper Awake on Vimeo.

This moves Bolt down to 2:

BOLT from 3DX: International 3D Film Fest on Vimeo.

Ermm... no number 3 yet !... having said that I still need to watch Slumdog !

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