Saturday, 2 May 2009

Camra beer festival 2009

The rules:

Get to a pub and eat a big breakfast:

Get to the festival early to grab the best table in the sun ! :

See how busy it gets !:

Drink lots of:

Get drunk and take stupid pictures !:


Paul Garrard said...

You were doing okay until "Get drunk and take stupid pictures !:"
Stupid pictures are fine but getting drunk isn't particularly clever!

There are too many people out there willing to bash alcohol. Those of us that are fans of real ale need to show we can act responsibly so that we are not tarred with the same brush as binge drinkers!

CCJack said...

We were responsible drunks ... we needed to be to use public transport to get home.

No bad rep. given to our fellow CAMRA members :-)

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