Thursday, 30 April 2009

oooooo The teams Flyball box arrives !

Stunning ! (sorry, very boring for you non-flyball types !):

We race Bank Holiday Monday (May 3rd)... for the very first time at Stockbridge.

Problem is the dogs are not doing as they are told, running out during practice... fighting... chasing other dogs !! .... to make matters worse we are being ranked / seeded as being the top team in our division based on one fluke of a day in training...

... to quote Homer Simpson.... Doh !

If the Rooky Racers don't place top three it will a nightmare !


Division 7 - Judge: Tim Swanborough

Rooky Racers 21.70
Shooting Star Rebels 22.04
Malmesbury Monks 22.06
Bassett Allsorts 22.11
Soxon Runners 22.41
Fourpaws Running 22.44

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